About Us

Karmen Culture & Performance Tenets

1.Karmen HIGH 5

We are a performing team, delivering stretched goals and are motivated by measuring monthly our:

  1. Delivery Performance (QOTD) : 95% Quality On Time Delivery of line items
  2. Customer Experience of our Product & Service (CEPS) : Not more than 1 instance /quarter/customer
  3. New Product Development (NPD) : 90 days for machined sample after FAI
  4. Responsiveness (RESP) : 48 hours to respond internally & externally
  5. First Time Right (FTR) : 80% ( From Pattern to Final Inspection of Machined component)

2.Karmen Culture

We are committed to nurturing an engaging culture where there is

  1. High Customer Focus: Know our customers better, get close to them, anticipate their needs before them
  2. Process Orientation Strong Communications: everyone voices their views/ideas, transparent decision making
  3. Drill Deep for every problem: Distinguish between the issue and the person. Ask the 5 Whys till we eliminate problems
  4. Passion and Commitment: Deliver any output with application of mind, body , heart and soul
  5. Adapting and scaling: to ever-changing customer expectations
  6. Culture of excellence and high standards of performance: Thinking only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best

3. Karmenite's Leadership Traits

We breed Leaders without Titles who demonstrate:

  1. Positive Attitude - 'Can Do' approach in all interactions.
  2. Team Spirit - Make a positive contribution and are as enthusiastic about the success of others as of their own
  3. Customer Orientation - Act as goal shares of our customers
  4. Creativity & Energy - Look for a better way; self motivated; and Proactive
  5. Goal / Result Orientation - Set challenging targets and achieve them
  6. Sense of Ownership - Take ownership of tasks and loyalty towards the organization.
  7. Adaptability - Easily adjust to changing technology, teams, processes and initiatives.
  8. Learn ability & Multitasking - Ability and willingness to learn from all situations and from anyone.
  9. Open Mind - Be non judgmental and bias
  10. Process Orientation - Structure the tasks and make them person independent