Our Capabilities

High Integrity Steel Castings

Karmen Castmetals, our state of the art foundry started production in 2008 to meet the growing requirements of our global customers for high integrity steel, stainless steel and super alloy castings.

The foundry located near Chennai, India is equipped with fully automated moulding line from IMF, Italy and has a full fledged material testing lab. On site NDT facilities include Radiographic testing enclosure, Multi directional magnetic particle crack detector, Ultrasonic testing facility, and in situ hardness test equipment.

Casting Design

Pattern Making

Patterns are sourced from experienced and capable pattern makers equipped with CNC pattern making capability.


Two part Alkaline Phenolic sand binder system allowing tight as cast dimensional tolerance.

Pattern change station allows for pattern change over with zero downtime and efficient manufacture of single piece casting to high volumes.

Equipped with fully automatic IMF moulding line including transfer cars, roll over, mould heating ovens, mould pushers, shakeout and mechanical reclamation system.

Mixer Capacity 25 tons per Hr and 8 Moulds can be made per hour.

Equipped with latest Siemens S7 PLC Controls.

Sand System: Alkaline Phenolic Resin System (Alphaset).

Flask size 1800 x 1400 x 550 mm.

Calculated capacity of moulding line is in excess of 450 MT per month.

Melting & Pouring

The plant is equipped with 1500 / 1000 / 500 Kg capacity Inductotherm Furnace.

Heat treatment

2.0 Tons Gas fired Heat treatment Furnace with Auto quenching facility.

2.5 Tons Gas fired Heat treatment Furnace with Auto quenching facility.

4.0 Tons Gas fired Heat treatment Furnace with Auto quenching facility.

All of the above furnace are equipped with calibrated (API 6A) temperature recorders.

Quench Tank with agitation facility equipped with temperature indicators and calibrated process monitoring and recording devices.

Fettling /Finishing shop

Fettling /Finishing shop works on the concept of single piece flow. The modern fettling area is equipped with hanger type short blasting machine, Powered band saw cutting machine plasma arc cutting machine swing grinders and welding equipment.