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Karmen is a Tier 1 manufacturing partner for high integrity metal components produced from castings, forgings or bar stock in ready to assemble fully machined and finished condition.Karmen’s capabilities span a diverse range of materials and processes. Our comprehensive offerings and manufacturing expertise simplifies complex supply chains and offer solutions that are truly distinctive in the industry.

Be it simple machining with demanding Non Destructive Testing (NDT) or complex machining coupled with value added processes such as hardfacing, lapping, or grinding - Karmen provides seamless solutions to our customers who are the world’s leading corporations in the flow control, oil & gas, energy, and transportation industries. Our exports encompass 10 countries across 3 continents.

Over the years we have become better at what we do by uniting technology with talent and passionately building a reputation for quality and value, earning us accolades from our customers worldwide.

By focusing our investment plans on what customers want and need, we've brought together a variety of capabilities that are specific and individual to each of our customer’s needs resulting in overall leaner and cost effective solutions.

When reviewing our site, you will find Karmen is a world-class supplier uniquely positioned to help your company meet its business objectives.

What we do at Karmen

We are a full-service Tier 1 manufacturing partner of high integrity metal parts machined from castings, forgings or bar stock. Our customers include world leaders in the valve, pump, oil & gas, energy, locomotives and off-highway industries.


Cast Parts

Karmen brings together over 4 decades of casting expertise to work for you in delivering optimal process and material selection.


High Integrity
Steel Castings

Karmen Castmetals our state of the art foundry started production in 2008 to meet the growing requirements of our global customers for high integrity steel, stainless steel and super alloy castings.More...


Precision Machined

As a value added offering to our customers we manufacture and supply high integrity “internal” that go into making their larger product.


Comprehensive Engineering

We recognize that there is always a “better” way. Karmen works with its customers to deliver engineered solutions that simplify and strengthen supply chains.More...