Why Us

We appreciate the fact that customers have a choice to meet their requirements. Accordingly, we first seek to gain an in-depth understanding of the customer’s current and future needs before embarking on a development plan. Our goal is to build enduing, long term relationships with our customers. Our team strives to incorporate this thinking in every single customer experience – day in and day out… So WHY US?

One stop source for diverse components

  • From precision components weighing a few grams to large castings and forgings weighing up to 4500 kgs /9000 Lbs.
  • Broad spectrum of materials from Cast Iron/Ductile Iron to Alloy steels, Corrosion resistant steels and super alloys.
  • Variety of processes – Investment /Sand castings, Forgings and bar.

Small by Design

  • Large enough to be reliable and small enough to be agile and customer focused.
  • Flexible and highly responsive culture.
  • "Goal Sharers" and solution providers instantly aligning to customer goals.

We embrace complexity and challenging materials

  • Tight geometrical tolerances, difficult to produce materials and critical Non destructive testing (NDT) requirements form part of our regular production
  • Proficiency, precision and accountability delivered in every shipment – day in and day out.
  • Our repeat business growth by 75% speaks for itself.

We simplify complex supply chains

  • Single line POs to 100 lines Pos- Low volume high variety to repetitive scheduled deliveries.
  • Ex-Works /FOB/ CIF coupled with warehoused Just-in-Time Supply as per customer requirement.
  • Single Point of Ownership for diverse components in variety of materials and sizes.

Serviced by Karmen “A” Team

  • Manufacturing and metallurgical expertise built over 4 decades with hands on experience in supplying the valve, pump, oil & gas, and heavy engineering industries worldwide.
  • Senior Management commitment, involvement and accessibility.
  • Dedicated “Focused manufacturing Cells” for key product / customer groups.

Trust – Track record – Stability

  • 100% referable clients.
  • 4 decades of customer service, dedication and protection of customer IP ingrained in Karmen culture.
  • Family owned & professionally managed by 3rd Generation entrepreneurs.
  • Financial stability with high credit rating – willing and ready to make investments in new projects and opportunities to meet customer expectations.

Environmental responsibility and renewable energy sources

  • All Karmen’s energy needs are meet by Karmen’s captive wind mills with a capacity of 3.20 MW.
  • Karmen has invested in state of the art sand reclamation system allowing it to drastically reduce the consumption of fresh sand. Extensive use to fume & dust extraction system ensure superior working environment and limit emission well within permissible norms