Our Capabilities

Machined Cast Parts

Karmen brings together over 4 decades of casting expertise to work for you in delivering optimal process and material selection. We do this through a combination of using our own state of the art casting facility coupled with a select group of qualified foundry sources.

Sand or investment castings, ferrous or non ferrous, Karmen is able to seamlessly deliver fully machined cast parts weighing a few grams to over 9000 lbs single piece in fully machined / finished condition.

Value added special processes such as weld overlay / hardfacing, lapping and grinding form part of our regular production schedule. In addition we have extensive experience and expertise with NDT (Non-Destructive testing) including Magnetic Particle, Radiographic examination, Dye Penetrant, Visual and Ultrasonic Testing (MPI, RT, PT, VT, UT) to help you meet your inspection requirements. The NDT team is lead by an ASNT Level III qualified person with over 40 years of experience ably supported with over 12 ASNT Level II certified NDT engineers.

While we specialize in low to medium volume production, we are equally capable of delivering high volume parts efficiently and cost effectively.

Karmen is your one stop preferred supplier for quality machined cast parts!!


Weight Range

Material Specification

Sand 10 Lbs to 10000 Lbs Carbon steels ,Alloys , Stainless steel, Duplex stainless steel, Super alloys, Ductile iron Click here for detail
Investment 0.15 Lbs to 54 Lbs Carbon steels ,Alloys , Stainless steel, Duplex stainless steel, Super alloys, Ductile iron  Click here for detail 

Certifications/ Accreditations:

Our foundry is approved / certified to meet

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • PED

To help ensure we meet your needs as well as regulatory requirements.

We pride ourselves on plant cleanliness, which enhances employee safety and casting quality.